Empower your guests with technology

Hotel applications can help with a multitude of tasks, from chatbots that answer guest queries online to keeping guests updated on events and activities happening at your property.



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Fill the gaps in your hotel operations

Have you heard the phrase: there’s an app for that? Hotels are stepping up their game with mobile apps. Apps are an effective way to fill the gaps in your customer service needs, such as when a guest requests more towels or wants to find the closest airport.


Increase guest satisfaction

30% of travelers enjoyed the extra functionality hotel apps provided, combined with receiving useful updates, according to a survey by Travel Daily News Statista.


Our Hotel Application Partners 

RoomRaccoon quickly integrates with a range of exciting third-party hotel applications. 


Instantly communicate with guests

66% of travelers say they consider their smartphone to be the most essential travel item. Providing information on a hotel app is an excellent way to make sure your guests are receiving the information they need on mobile where they prefer to be reached!


Adopt contactless processes  


Plug-and-play apps allow you to adopt contactless hotel processes without investing in new infrastructure. This allows you to prioritize staff efficiency and promote customer safety during a pandemic. 





1. How are chatbot apps used in hospitality?

A chatbox is a software application that can handle online inquiries faster and more efficiently, allowing hotel staff to focus on creating personal relationships with guests. It also integrates with your booking engine. What’s more, chatbots can identify unique cross-selling and upselling opportunities. In fact, a chatbox can increase direct bookings by 30%.  


2. What are the benefits of using apps at a small property?

Apps are designed to make life simpler for you while running your property. They allow you to customise the technology you’re using to suit your needs, solve real problems easily, improve your reputation, save time and costs and manage data more effectively.